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Portland and Vancouver Business Networking

20 November 2008 One Comment

Portland and Washington Business Networking

The best businesses - We care about people and planet!

The best businesses - We care about people and planet!

This site is being created with the intent of linking all of our current web design and technology clients with each other and each other’s clients in a cooperative, business building adventure!

The main ingredient is a new webpage being crafted called NWBusinessLinks.com and a new button on everyone’s existing web site: LINKS.

When pressed, this links button will take your clients directly to your profile page listed on NWBusinessLinks.com where they will immediately be offered the option to leave a comment about you, which then will be emailed immediately to you. If we run your website and you have a comments section, we will add the comment to your web site. If we are running an Internet Presence Management Campaign for you, then we will add the comment to the list of Directory Websites we have an agreement on (DexKnows.com, Citysearch, Yahoo.Local, Google Maps, etc).

What are the major benefits to you?

#1 – New Clients

The links button on member websites that links to NWBusinessLinks.com will give other member’s clients a chance to browse our website and to potentially find your profile, your website and to utilize the services and products you offer. The member list is going to start off strong and will grow substantially over the next six months.

#2 – Search Engine Optimization

a. When we create your profile on NWBusinessLinks.com, we will make it link to your website in the way that will benefit you the most, by utilizing the keywords to which you have your site tuned. By linking to you, we add to search engine rankings of your site.
b. Our site (and your profile) will be Search Engine Optimized and within months should be garnering traffic on its own. Meaning when users search for services in the Portland area, they may find NWBusinessLinks.com and your profile and may choose to business with you.

#3 – Networking

This will be a good opportunity for you to try the services of the other members, and in turn to meet them and network with them to share mutual clients, advertising opportunities and partnerships.

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  • Business Blog Websites - Dane F. said:

    This is a solid look and feel for a business blog website… semi-complicated layout really works and is a touch better than many I’ve seen. It even looks like this site is ranking well for the keywords your member businesses are targeting – way to help them out!

    – Dane Fulmer

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