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Member Profiles Coming Soon!

14 March 2009 No Comment
Member Profiles Coming Soon!

Member Profiles Coming Soon!

This site is dedicated to a core group of businesses that can and will work together to network for business in Portland and Vancouver, utilizing a synergistic , technology-based approach.  The primary piece of the technology core will be this website – delivering quality content, SEO links, and best of all, social business networking events whose primary focus is on developing winning B2B partnership opportunities.

Another basic yet extremely effective piece of the technology core will be utilizing email marketing that contains the logos, links, coupons, news and core messages of the member consitituency, mailed out on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  This will be shared marketing among the members, administered by Northwest eSource.  Its goal will be to spread the word about Portland and Vancouver’s BEST BUSINESSES.  By combining quality graphics and content with POWERFUL PRICING SPECIALS with a broad-based combined clientele target market, we should have  a winning formula.

When I get a newsletter from the two computer companies I follow online – Newegg.com and TigerDirect.com – I almost ALWAYS READ THEM.  Why?  Because the prices they put in SOMETIMES are so good, I can’t help but read ALL OF THE EMAILS.  

If we can combine efforts to consistently offer specials that are so good we may make a considerably lower profit margin initally, but our readership will grow exponentially – as will the regular income from regular readers.

One last thing, this effort will be based on our current clientele’s agreement to subscribe or be delivered the newsletter initially.  This means that their loyalty to your company and the relationship you have with them is what is going to bring them into the circle of the best businesses in Portland and Vancouver through Northwest Business Links – so make sure you are collecting email addresses NOW!

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