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Smart Business, Social Networking!

18 December 2008 5 Comments

Our premise is simple, business network referrals and business network leads are better business than any form of outbound marketing.  Who wouldn’t rather clients were coming to them on recommendation from someone close (or not close) to them?

We work hard to work smart.

Smart business networking is what we’re after, and we think we have come up with a great system (to be revealed later), for now we are content to go over some basics.

Social Business Networking Basics

smile1#1 – First things first – keep your clients happy.

Happy clients talk.  They show off.  They glow.  Let your clients love you.  One key ingredient then will definitely be listening so that you accurately identify each client’s need and are able to accurately provide the precise solution for their situation.

#2 – Identify power partners.

Some people in this world are really good at giving referrals.  They have this knack often because they truly appreciate the power of referrals for their business matched with an empathy that creates a talent of digging deeper to find what the people they are conversing with need.  These are the people you want to be your champions.  The first clue we use to identify a power partner – the first time someone makes a referral they get nominated for the position.  Then with additional follow-up and coffee or something to further the relationship, the synergy can begin to form.  Look for an article soon on identifying and developing your business networking power partners.

#3 – Follow Up and Stay in Touch

This is mainly meant for your clients, but clearly qualifies with power partners as well.  Primarily though the simple call after a service is provided or product purchased will do the trick.  It’s simple because most businesses do not perform this kind of customer service, you will likely be a cut above for the majority of clients you follow up with.

#4 – Sweeten the Deal

Want to impress someone you think might be a power partner?  Let them go home after the purchase or service, then during the follow up call, let them know you would like to offer them a bonus service or product, just because you appreciated them.  This kind of behavior is what illuminates who can be your champion.

#5 – Offer Incentives

If a Northwest Business Links member refers another business to us that we qualify as one of the best in the Northwest – and we do business, say – then they will receive sponsorship on our site for at least a month as an incentive.  The moment you receive

#6 – Be Gracious

It sounds too simple, but thank you goes a long way.  All too often business is done as business as usual.  In our era, the choice of who to do business with is a personal power just like a vote.  If you are gracious, you will get more votes.

Smart Business, Social Networking!

Rich Grindland of Mountain View Carpet Care, says the key to smart social business networking is getting your client excited.  “When you pump them up about the value and quality of what you do, that energy is contagious…” he says.


We agree.

Your referred clients are so much more likely to be less concerned with price, and already happier about the fact someone they feel they can trust is there to help them with their needs.

From there, truly listening and resolving their desires also will be the key to getting them to talk about YOU.


  • J said:

    Some more tips include using the same name – screen name, business name, logo, even avatar – on *all* profiles. One of the quickest and most effective forms of branding. Quote I read today: “You are what you are perceived to be.” Applies greatly in terms of branding yourself and your company.

  • NWeSource said:

    Nice one Janine – I definitely agree. I have the same on all of my blogs…

  • dane said:

    Referrals are ideal clients as they already trust you and they rarely beat you up on price – these are good tips. 🙂

  • AuraDev said:

    There is so much social networking opportunity its crazy! It’s good to keep that in mind and post content everywhere where it is relevant to bring in leads.

    Social Networking really is a great way to stay in touch with people and get online referrals. Your point in #2 is really key.

  • Becky Tengwall said:

    Yes, you do understand networking…and the value, as does Rich. Great info! I think that sometimes people take into consideration the value a Power Partner can provide; I’m glad you included that in this article, as well. Thanks!

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