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Brainstorming Your B2B Business Model

6 March 2009 5 Comments

 In a Web 2.0 world, using the internet in meaningful ways often will require the expansion of your business model.  Here we look for solid ways to create B2B partnerships to increase your revenue.

1091816_corporate_growth_1Start by asking yourself:

Who do you serve?  Do you or can you directly serve any businesses?

What is your B2B Business Model?

If you don’t have one by now, you may be missing a third of the boat or so – which means you may not float, particularly in a tough economy.

Where does a B2B Business Model really come into play?

When it is well developed, practiced, executed and the demand is there for your company’s products or services – on a wholesale level as is B2B generally – you build for yourself a second revenue stream that will weather a down economy.

Wholesale?  How do I brainstorm for potential B2B partnerships?

You have your retail customers, now think of business owners you have served, and any way you can profitably serve other companies – even if it is at a lower margin.

If I make less money, how does that help?

Less money per client is what we are talking about, and not replacing your current revenue stream but adding to it.  When you serve companies, as opposed to consumers (or ADDITIONALLY), that income stream can become more consistent over time than the retail portion because businesses and business owners tend to still have money in a down economy.

Are your services Resellable?

B2b partnerships often entail you adding someone else’s products or services and them doing the same for you, effectively doubling the scope of your audience.


  • Becky Tengwall said:

    Great insights! By the way, this is extremely relevant information for our i Take The Lead members, especially since we have both B2C groups and strictly B2B groups. I totally understand how you are helping your clients here. For instance, I know you have a carpet cleaning company as a client. What do they do? Clean carpets, right? Yes, but the owner trains other carpet cleaning companies to have success….thus, the B2B part comes into play.

  • Rich Hill said:

    We admire your approach to helping other businesses. No one knows better about how to run their own business than the owner, but with external input from specialists such as yourself it is a win win situation. Much success.

  • NWeSource said:

    Thank you Rich and Becky. B2B Partnerships, both contractual but even more through relationships, are a tremendous way to boost business.

  • Sean said:

    This is an area of my business that I need to develop. It is a great strategy that would really help me grow and keep consistent income.

  • Kapilkalra said:

    Thanks for the well-written article.customers all connecting to an online community for business-to-business e-commerce, finding each other and exchanging business

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