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Northwest QuadVan – 4×4 Conversion Vans

8 August 2009 One Comment

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QuadVan is a Portland based automotive conversion business that converts standard 2 wheel drive Ford vans into 4 wheel drive vehicles (4x4s). Four wheel drive vehicles, like the ones created by QuadVan, are utility vehicles good for year round, all terrain performance. Spending one winter in the Pacific Northwest should show you just how much more functional a 4×4 vehicle can be.

QuadVan implements 4×4 Conversion Systems to create the following types of vehicles:

  • 4×4 Vans
  • 4×4 Motor Homes
  • 4×4 Campers
  • 4×4 Wheelchair Vans
  • 4×4 Ambulances and
  • 4×4 Emergency Vehicles
  • 4×4 Buses
  • 4×4 Commercial Vans
  • 4×4 Armored Transport

QuadVan also has numerous x4 van accessories available to outfit your 4×4 conversion vehicles both aesthetically and functionally.

QuadVan conversions are recognized for being the highest quality and best engineered system available in the market. Through the QuadVan conversion process, vehicles are given a tighter turning radius, improved suspension, better braking, and greater ground clearance. The original designer of the QuadVan 4wd system, John McKee, has been installing conversion systems for over ten years. The experience and expertise of Quadvan’s technical staff is just one more reason to trust them for your next 4×4 conversion system.

Unparalleled 4×4 Van Serviceability

QuadVans are also easily serviceable because they use 100% Factory Ford Certified components – and they are the only in the industry that can make that claim. This makes it easy to find replacement parts no matter where you’re located. Everything you might need is available at your local Ford Dealership.

Call QuadVan with any questions at 503.224.3629 or send an email to Info@QuadVan.com

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  • Rick Brady said:

    I have four-wheeled my Quadvan in most of Eastern Oregon by now, with many added items to boost it’s serviceability. On the Aspen Lake and Thompson ranches out of Princeton, Or., buckarooing, coyote hunting and hot springing. Other than Ford’s poor selection of tires (which went right away for Toyos) and the totally inadequate headlights (also went away fast)I have enjoyed the conversion immensely.

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