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Coming Soon – Our First Quarterly Event!

18 December 2008 2 Comments
Come join us for our quarterly event!

Come join us for our quarterly event!

This is a must attend event and very exciting!  Northwest Business Links has so much to offer, as business owners have so much to offer each other.

Our mission is to connect business owners and foster B2B relationships  – and what better way to do that then wining and dining!?

This will be a catered event with an expected 50-150 guests.  We will have a couple of speakers for short empowering and informational messages, followed with activities intended to produce business results for you, the company owners.

Activities will include small group brainstorming sessions led by our team members, where yours and our creative energies will be combined to create new advertising taglines, ad ideas and brand refreshers.  Expect several members of our teams to be there, ranging from blog authors and e-mail

marketing engineers, to graphic designers who will be more than happy to pencil out the latest logo ideas you have been kicking around.

Northwest Business Links

We prefer to surround ourselves with the smartest and hardest working Americans, and that is you, the entrepeneurs and engineers of our great business systems.  We greatly anticipate this event and look forward to hearing your ideas and input.


  • J said:

    I am definitely not regretting my decision to work with you! Hope there are some good drinks at this soiree! 😉 I also love the idea of getting to dress up and mingle. Exciting ideas you have!

    Also, like OMG, lovin’ your new favicon!

  • Travis said:


    I am looking forward to this event! Maybe we should talk a little bit about search engine presence? Northwest Business Links looks like a great group of people.

    You have done an awesome job for us… I am very thankful for the hard work & dedication you have shown!

    You are #1 on my referral list now.

    Travis Wolfe

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